What We Do

Witom specialises in the acquisition, partnership and formation of innovative and value-driven, service industry businesses.

Witom works on two levels:

  • Witom will look at innovative business ideas where the capital and other creative input are lacking to take it to the next level. Not only would Witom inject capital but would work either through acquisition or in partnership with the Directors to drive that business forward;
  • Witom generates business ideas itself and turns those into successful companies that are part of the group.

Acquisition & Partnerships

There are many businesses out there with a good core product offering. Often, the directors of these businesses are the key contributor to the product itself, but lack either the capital or experience to take their business to the next level.

Witom has acquired interests in such businesses, and have used our expertise, experience and funding to help them evolve and develop, so as to fulfil their full potential.

Acquisitions and partnerships include QCS which has outperformed itself during 2010 and will continue to grow, fuelled by expansion into new markets. Although part of the Witom Group, this is a partnership venture with the original Directors still part shareholders of the company.

Formation & Start-ups

Experienced practitioners with a good idea, often struggle to get the funds together to put their idea into practice. The complexities of starting a business can be intimidating and confusing, thereby preventing someone with a good business idea from getting started.

Our Companies

Quality Compliance Systems logo

Quality Compliance Systems Ltd.

QCS provide a Total Care Management System that includes all documentation required to meet UK care standards regulations.

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